Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Last night I had the absolute PRIVILEGE of being on a planning call with leaders of the Dream Team about our upcoming Leadership Retreat to Destin, Florida! ...why was it a privilege???

Because I've been invited to attend this year!

I've been sitting over here in my office, working away, slowly but surely building my business... and I don't really ever talk about that part of what I do.

Sure, nutrition and fitness? EASY.  Oh? You wanna see some cute pictures of my pets? SURE! 
...but talk about how I can help YOU build your own business ALONG SIDE ME.... I don't really share about that very often, and you know what... that's pretty crappy of me! 

Why is that crappy of me?? Because if I don't share this incredible opportunity with YOU, then you don't even knowwwwww that you could also attend amazing events like this and be influenced and mentored by the top leaders of the entire Beachbody organization!

To say that I'm excited for this trip would be an understatement... when I finally decided that I was going to accept the invitation to this event, I was NAUSEAS because my emotions were so all over the place!

But here's the thing: in life, those moments where you're sick to your stomach you're so overwhelmed... that's when you know you're getting something RIGHT.

SO I'm going to Destin! For 4 days I am going to be surrounded by other leaders on our team to brain storm, grow, share ideas, experience incredible training sessions, and SO MUCH MORE!


And this view isn't going to suck either....

With professional photo shoots, discussion sessions with 2 of the top corporate representatives, gourmet meals, workouts on the beach, and straight up QUALITY TIME getting to really know the other lady bosses on our team, I have a feeling that these 4 days are going to be completely life changing for me. 

SO why am I telling you this??? I'm tell you this because in a million years I never thought that I would be invited to a private event of this magnitude. 

I never thought that the #1 coach in the Beachbody network would see the value that I have to offer as a coach not only to the challengers in my groups, but to FUTURE COACHES on my team! 

I never thought that I would be offered an all expenses paid trip to a dream location SPECIFICALLY FOR THE PURPOSE of growing myself and my business! 


....and YOU can do it too! 

This business is made for encouragers, for big hearts, and for people who dare to dream bigger! 
Is that you??
Do you want more for your life than working in a cubicle pursuing someone else's dreams?? I know I did! ...and I know that I don't ever want to go back to that life, so I'm ALL IN! I'm ALL IN to helping people take control of their lives-- be it their health or their finances! I'm ALL IN to helping people find true fulfillment and joy from their work by knowing that WE ARE MAKING A DIFFERENCE!

I have a fire lit under my tail feathers, and I can only imagine how much that flame is going to grow once I get back from this trip! 

This ol' bird is about to FLY, and I want you to fly with me! 
I know that I can achieve any height and any goal that I put my mind to... and I can't wait to see what lies ahead! 

If you're interested in learning more about what I do as a health and wellness coach, more about what it could mean for YOU to join us, let's chat! 
Email me at bestselfproductions@gmail.com 

Hope to hear from you soon! 

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