Pity Party: Table for 1?

Thursday, September 24, 2015

I don't know about you, but I'm doing my best to live a pretty positive existence in this world.
Sometimes it's hard... we all have shitty days and days that we just want to sit on the couch and snuggle with the cat and eat ice-cream... I get it.

What don't I get? I don't get why some people can't get up off the couch and quit complaining and start living their lives.

Did you know this is it??? ONE LIFE. This is all you've got.
Why on earth are you sitting around, not only dragging yourself further down into the pity party abyss but also trying to drag other people down with you?

You're too fat?
You're too tired?
You're too this or too that or not enough of NO ONE CARES.

Get up, go work out, go make yourself a healthy meal, go out for a bike ride, go call a friend to meet for coffee, go find a market to wander around, go read a new book, go learn something new, go develop a new skill or hobby or ANYTHING but STOP COMPLAINING.
All you're doing by complaining is wallowing.
Cut it out. If you aren't willing to change it, then don't waste your breathe talking about it. Seriously.

We all have issues, and we all have things that we COULD be complaining about, so why is it that there are only some people who are constantly complaining on social media, or complaining to their friends.
You're going to push people away. No one wants to be around people that bring them down.
We are social creatures, we want to stay in communities and help lift one another up so that we can all thrive.
But you better be careful, at some point there may not be anyone left to pick you up out of the ditch you're digging for yourself.

Do you want to be in better shape? GO WORK OUT NOW!
I'm not talking about you just getting the recommended 10,000 steps a day... yes, great to get that in... but I'm talking about actual exercise where you sweat and you get your heart rate up for at least 30 minutes a few times a week.
It clears your complexion, helps you lose weight, releases hormones in your brain that provide an uplifting mood boost, and improves your heart health so that you can live a long and HAPPY life.

Do you want to have more energy? EAT BETTER FOOD! (and also do the above suggestion)
If all you're doing is pumping your body with crap, why on earth would you expect it to feel like anything OTHER than crap?? Hi, Common Sense here.
Your body is a machine... you wouldn't expect your car to drive with a slushie in the tank instead of gasoline, so why would you expect your body to function well without the resources that it needs?!
Whole foods, protein, fresh produce, complex carbs-- your body is craving all sorts of amazing nutrition... let it have it! You will be amazed at what you can achieve in a day when you have fueled yourself properly!

Are you unhappy with some other circumstance in your life? 
Guess what: No one's life is perfect.
If you are living a life in which you can read this blog post, then you have access to things like electricity, internet, running water, education, and a place to call home.
Count your freaking blessings.
There are people who would literally kill to have your life and your problems.
Have you seen the people fleeing Syria?? They are being poisoned and killed by their own government.
Real talk: Your life is pretty good. 

Still unhappy with your life? CHANGE IT!
What's making you unhappy? Do something about it, TODAY. Start making small changes to your daily life that are going to contribute, eventually to you being thrilled that you are alive.
Good God.

Can't change it? Change your point of view. What can be gained from your current situation and be used to benefit you in the future? How can you make the best of it right now?
Dwelling on things that are not ideal for you is going to do nothing except make you more unhappy.
And what's the problem with that option?
There is still no one that is going to come to your pity party. 
It's only you.
Come on out into the real world where we deal with our problems, focus on the positives, and have a really freakin great time enjoying this life that we're living together.

We want you to be out here with us.
Let's party!


To be clear, I'm not saying any of this to be hateful.
I love you and your humanity.  I want you to enjoy your life.
I want to enjoy your life with you, but I ain't comin' to your pity party.

Do you feel like I'm talking directly to you? Maybe I am... I hope that I am.
You deserve to have a wonderful life, and I hope that if you've been wallowing in self-pity that this was the wake-up call that you needed to hear.

Read: The Compound Effect, by Darren Hardy

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