Who am I? Why should anyone care to read my blog?

Friday, May 15, 2015

Who am I? 
Great question, right? 
For starters, I'm just a normal girl trying to figure out how to live the fullest, most beautiful life that I can. 

I value my family, above all else. 

My husband and I have 2 fur babies, no human babies as of now-- and I'm sure you will get to know them through some of my later posts, because I'm sort of obsessed with them (in the way that only people who don't have human babies can afford to be).
We live far away from our immediate families, which can be heartbreaking at times. We miss a lot of events, holidays, and all of the mundanely wonderful things that go on in our families' homes. 
We tell ourselves that it is okay, because we are making our own adventure... and it is. We love this crazy journey that we're on, but it doesn't make it any easier to miss out on those other pieces of our life. 

fitness health well-being confidence family friends military love pets workout clean eating
2014's Christmas Card photo: fur babies Harvey (giant) and Bruce (teeny)

We have learned to appreciate our community and the friends that we have made throughout our (seemingly constant) moves with the military as a new kind of family... they are the kind of family that knows exactly when to bring over a bottle of wine because it's been a long week. They are the kind of family that will drop everything to make new friends feel included. They are the kind of friends that have their children call you "Auntie" because really, that line between friends and family is a thin one in this community. 
It is a beautiful thing to be blessed with the kind of open arms that we have found on this journey, and I am so grateful to have a bigger "family" than I ever could have imagined. 

beach friendship love family confidence personal development values clean eating
Sharing the horizon view this winter with a new friend who has quickly become a pillar in my life.

I value my health, and my ability to physically do what I want when I want to do it. 
I am so grateful that I have been blessed with the ability to release my stress through exercise.
Because let's be real... life ain't always butterflies and rainbows. 
I love to run. I love to lift. I love Crossfit. I love my Beachbody programs... and I hope that through my example and the resources that I have to offer I can truly have a positive impact on the way that other people lead their lives.

I have recently begun diving into the world of personal development and self help resources (a post for another day)... but it has truly opened my eyes to that fact that the only person holding me back from the career of my dreams, the physique of my dreams, the personal fulfillment that I have always wanted is... wait for it... MYSELF!
I have never felt so empowered to take control of my own life as I do now, and I want to share my experience and knowledge with all of you!

beach friendship love family confidence personal development values clean eating
I would recommend this book to anyone who desires to lead an inspiring life. Self-confidence comes first. You ARE a badass... time to take control :)

I am in the business of becoming my best self... inside and out.
I want to aid you in becoming YOUR best self too. What's holding you back? 
We only have one life on the earth, and it would be such a shame to live it at less then our full potential.

Is your life perfect? 
If it is, then I guess this really isn't the blog for you.
But if you have some areas that you are looking to become a little stronger in, I hope that my posts will help you :)

I'm ready to set the world on fire. 
Who's with me?


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