WAKE UP, FRIEND!!!! It's time to go LIVE YOUR LIFE!

Monday, June 10, 2019

The snooze button is one of my BIGGEST enemies when it comes to helping the ladies in my community build new healthy habits, crush their goals, and FEEL AMAZING!

You can't do any of those things if you are always running late and playing catch up!

SO... when one of them joked about just needed my voice in her ear in the morning, I obviously thought it was a great idea!

No excuses, right?!

Whether you're looking for a subtle prod, an abrupt jolt, or a friendly reminder that you've got GOALS to work toward, there's probably a recording in here for you!

...and if you're looking for something else, hit me up! I'm happy to record the tone that YOU NEED TO HEAR to get your tuckus in gear so that you can get on with living your daggone amazing life!

Good Morning Sweetheart 

Psssst, it's time to wake up! 

Move, Betch*! Get out yo bed!


Go do the things, friend. 

Beeeet Boxin yo bum outta bed

((to download to iPhones... *I think* all you should have to do is click the links to download to your computer, save into iTunes to transfer to your phone, and then go to Clock, Alarm, Edit Alarm, Pick a Song, and it should be in your library to choose from!... if you don't have an iPhone, I can't help you but Google probably can!))

If you're looking for some support for the healthy habits that you're wanting to build once your toosh is out of bed in the morning, let me know!  I'd love to chat more and help you figure out how you can feel YOUR best!

If you'd like to receive weekly meal inspiration and other tips for healthy living, you can subscribe to my newsletter here and you can stay in the loop about upcoming groups and opportunities!

In the meantime, GET YO A$$ OUT OF BED ON TIME!!! 

Talk soon, 

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