What does it mean to be Better Every Day?

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

When you think about being "better every day" does that lift you up, or stress you out?

Sometimes there is a misconception that being "better" every day means that you need to AMP UP and GO FURTHER, HARDER, STRONGER every single day... and that's not the case. 

What being BETTER every day means is that you are showing up for yourself in the way that YOU need, TODAY. 

Sometimes that means taking "it" to the next level... but sometimes that means rest, sometimes it means patience, sometimes it means forgiveness. 
Being better today than yesterday means accepting where you are, being willing to learn from your past in order to grow and move forward. 

Being better, growing, opening yourself up to change isn't about just the physical either. 

Our overall health and happiness is not defined by our pant size, and we can't expect to feel fulfilled by simply the number on the scale. 

YES, the physical is important. We have to show up for our physical bodies and take care of ourselves so that we can exist in an energized way for all of the other things.... BUT if you're talking down to yourself because you can't run as fast as your friend, or you can't keep up with the guy in your workout video... that's not healthy. 

"Better every day" means respecting yourself enough to be proud of yourself when you need to modify. It means removing the guilt from a celebratory piece of cake at your daughter's birthday party. It means taking a rest day when your body is asking for it. 

Better: faster, gentler, stronger, slower, more patient... what is your "better" today? 

Does being "better" mean setting your pride aside and asking for help? 
Does it mean being willing to try something new?
Does it mean stepping forward and admitting that you DO want to work toward goals? 

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We are working to *just try* to be *just a little* better every day, and we'd love to have you join us! 

Talk soon!

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