What is a "Challenge Group"???

Monday, April 25, 2016

What is a "CHALLENGE GROUP"????

Is your news feed riddled with friends from high school or college who keep talking about these "Challenge Groups" that they want you to join??

Are you sitting on the other side of the computer like "Ummmmmm I feel just fine and like my life is CHALLENGING ENOUGH, thank you!"


It might not be exactly what you think!

From the Team Beachbody website:

What is a Challenge Group?A Challenge Group is a small, exclusive group committed to getting healthy by participating in the same or similar Beachbody workout programs for a defined period of time.  An Independent Team Beachbody Coach organizes the group and sets up a specific and typically private Facebook page for the group members. Everyone in the group helps and motivates each other to achieve their health and fitness goals by sharing tips, accountability, and results.  It is a team committed to success in The Beachbody Challenge contest.

SO-- if that's Beachbody's definition, are they all the same???

In a word.... NO!

As an independent coach with Team Beachbody, I have (or your other friends on your news feed have) the ability to create whatever kind of atmosphere we desire in our groups!

I can't speak to what other people do in their groups, but what I CAN do is tell you a little bit about MY groups, and then you can decide if they sound like something that you might want to be a part of!

Not all coaches are going to be the right fit for all people, so it's up to YOU as a potential CHALLENGER (yes, that's what we call you!) to decide which coach's style, attitude, personality you are going to click with and feel comfortable taking this journey with!

I hope that after reading this that you will decide that WE could be a good fit, and that you will ask for more info about my upcoming group-- but if you don't think I'm for you... that's okay too. No hard feelings :)
I want you to find the success that you're hoping for in your journey toward a healthy lifestyle.... so let's dive into what MY groups are all about!!!

1. We can't do anything well if we aren't healthy first.
I really believe that taking a full, well rounded approach to developing new and healthy habits is the foundation for a fulfilling life. I can't be the best wife that I can be if I'm not taking care of myself. You can't be the best, more energetic teacher possible if you're not at your healthiest. I can't be a present and positive source of energy for my team and my challengers if I'm not putting in time for myself first. We can't live to our full potential if we are struggling with physical ailments or disease.
I want to help you be your best self, so that you can take that best version of yourself out into the world in whatever else you do! 
This is the fundamental idea that I base all of my other decisions and actions around when it comes to how I run my business.

2. I will find a program that will work for YOU!
I'm not interested in pushing the "popular" program or the workout series that will make me the highest commission... this is about YOU-- not me! I will work with you to find a Challenge Pack that you will ENJOY (because let's be real-- nobody is going to actaully do a workout that they hate!), will be effective at helping you reach your goals, will provide you with the stepping stones to get your from your current fitness level to where you want to go, and that will be something that you can return to in the future once our group has come to a close!
You are not a number to me, you are a person who is ready for change, and I want to help you facilitate that change in the best way possible for YOU.

3. We will create nutrition plans to fit your life.
Each and every one of us has a different relationship with food, a different history with food, and a different way that we appreciate food in our lives. Together, we will create simple guides and strategies to help you have a healthy relationship with your fuel so that you can have long lasting results and healthy habits to take forward with you into your life.
Eating well doesn't have to be bland or boring... I love food way too much to eat steamed veggies and baked chicken every day. I believe in moderation in all things. I won't ask you to eliminate any major food groups from your diet, but rather we will practice the 80/20 rule of being mostly good most of the time, and still enjoying a glass of wine here and a slice of pizza there.
Being healthy should not feel like torture!

4. You will have the support of our group cheering you on!
We all have days where we need some extra accountability and support- whether it's to go get our workout in, to put down that whollllleeee pint of ice cream, or just to slap a smile back on our face! It's a beautiful thing to be a part of a community that can lend a hand to lift you up when you need it... and where you can do the same for others!
All of my Challenge Groups are run through a private app where I post each morning, we all check in each day, and as questions or concerns arise it's a safe place to come and share! We share all kinds of yummy recipes, tips for staying limber, how to avoid injuries... whatever the people in the group are looking for, I will provide it!
We've got positive vibes only... we leave our negativity at the door and come to the group for encouragement and to find solutions. We all have bad days, but they can get BETTER through the support of friends!

5. We focus on the whole person.
Through positive daily encouragement, motivation, reflection and different resources that I share in the groups, we are able to dig deeper into the reasons to be healthier. We can better approach our roadblocks to health when we can identify different emotional triggers or challenges. By taking time to consider questions deeper than simply "what did I have for lunch today" we set people up for long term success and health throughout their lives.
I want you to stop holding yourself back. I want to empower you to take control of your health and your life for the long haul. You deserve it. You deserve to feel great inside and out! 
Now, we're not kumbaya-ing or anything... but it was when I took a step back in my own health and fitness journey and considered the real reasons for being healthy and the real reasons that I was sabotaging myself that I could truly start to make progress. We can do that together through this group :)

6. I believe in you, and WE believe in you.
Coming into a new Challenge Group is a completely fresh start. You have the support of each and every person in the group. They are there to improve, you are there to improve, I am there to improve... we all want the same thing.
Sometimes the other people in our lives don't understand why we would want to change. They have a hard time adjusting to new eating habits or to a new sleep schedule that involves you getting up at 5:30 to get your sweat in before work. This group will be here to support you while the other people in your life come around. And they will come around... as you become more full of energy and life they will see your transformation and they will support you in all the ways that they can-- but until then, you have us!
I know that if you put your mind to improvement, you open yourself up to a little bit of change... you will see amazing results. I know because it's exactly what happened to me, and it is exactly what has happened to so many of the other members of our Challenge Groups.

7. It won't take over your life.
All it takes is 1 or 2 glances at our group on your phone or computer each day to stay motivated, receive encouragement, and stay on track. Being a part of our group doesn't mean that you need to tally up all your calories or spend all day online. Most people check in for the morning post to get their day start off right, and then again in the evening for our daily ratings. IN and OUT in 5 minutes or less.
Workout programs range in time depending on the series that we decide is best for you-- but if you're cramped for time THERE ARE OPTIONS FOR YOU! There are at least 6 different programs (that's just me thinking off of the top of my head) that are 30 minutes or less! PUH-LEASE.... we all have 30 minutes of extra time a day. Even the busiest of us-- go to bed 15 minutes earlier and get up 15 minutes earlier and you're DONE... it's covered! That is truly such a small sacrifice for such long term benefits for your health. Again, YOU DESERVE IT!

I'm sure I haven't covered everything you're wondering about what a Challenge Group entails-- but I hope that I've cleared up a little bit of the confusion! 

***Still have questions??***
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and I would be happy to answer anything else you're wondering about!

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