A Tardy Update on My New Nutrition!

Thursday, June 16, 2016

So it's been a week since I've been fully committed to the 8 hour eating window! 
(Okay, its being published a little bit later than that... but these are my thoughts about the first week!)

For those of you who didn't catch my first post about why i'm diving into this little experiment, you can check it out here: http://www.bestselfproductions.com/2016/06/sometimes-status-quo-just-doesnt-suit.html :)

It's strange.... I was expecting to have all this anxiety around not being able to eat until 11 am... or even noon on some days. I thought that it would be stressful to have to push my first meal back so far in the day. I thought that I would feel sluggish, tired, and cranky from being hungry for so long.

WELP, that didn't happen!

I feel really good! And the best part is, that it feels really natural.
I have always been a morning person... I get 80% of my to-do list done before 10am most days. By 2 pm I'm generally useless, and after dinner-- don't even try to get me to use my brain cells.

I had expected that not eating in the morning would prevent me from feeling good enough to continue with this early day efficiency.... but what actually has happened is that I don't have to waste time thinking and worrying about how I'm going to plan my food into my morning and around the dog's walk and timed with my workout.
AND, I've had some of the most productive few days in recent history this week!

So, here's the rundown of what I'm noticing in different areas of my life :)

   I used to wake up STARVING.... and I would be SO SO SO susceptible  to blood sugar dips where I would get HANGRY. This week, I haven't felt that way at all!
   Now, I do still have some hunger pangs a couple of times during the morning before I eat... but nothing consistent or bothersome. I'll interested to see how that changes as I move forward.
   Daytime meals are definitely larger than what I'd been eating before, because I'm still aiming to hit my calorie goal every day, but if I go a couple of hours without eating, I don't notice neeeeaaarly the amount of fluctuation as I usually would!

   WHEEEWWWWW baby! Someone had mentioned to me to make sure that I drank extra water as I made this transition because of the way that the body's processes are shifting and expelling different materials.... she wasn't kidding! I have experienced a lot of drymouth, dry throat, SUPER DRY hands (especially when waking up)... so dry and puffy that I've had to take my wedding band off every night and lick my thumbs to make my phone work in the morning (baahahha)
   I'm a gallon a day girl already, so drinking much more than that is a bit difficult.... BUT as the week went on, it got better and better and now feels almost normal again.

   I'll be honest... I slept pretty terribly all week. Now, there were a few other contributing factors (like a middle of the night earthquake, my giant beast whining for attention, etc) but it was a full week of waking up every 2-3 hours. Which for me is totally not normal. I'm a great sleeper. I LOVE my sleep... so this piece was a bit concerning to me. Again though, as the week went on it improved.
   Now, I'm waking up at 6 am, ready to rock my day! And for someone who does all the tasking early in the day... that's a good thing!

   No change in this department. Which I'm happy with! I am at a healthy weight right now, so I'm not concerned with the number on the scale. Though, I was a bit nervous that I would drop weight quickly. But I'm glad to see that keeping my food intake the same, just at different times, hasn't changed that piece-- means that it is maybe kinda diggin the new status quo ;)
   I would like to see my body fat decrease.... mostly carrying the extra fluff in the midsection, so that's where I'll be measuring. It would be silly to think anything would change after just one week.

   Last week was mostly a recovery week for me physically and emotionally after constant Spring time running training. I did some easy jogs and some lower body work... nothing crazy. I felt good, but I also didn't want to push myself too hard as I switched to the new nutrition plan.
   This week I've started Body Beast and am LOVVVINNNGGG IT! I'm doing the workouts fasted (eek!) but have been feeling energized through them and then usually have my Shakeology right after and then my first meal!

I'm super excited to see how the next few weeks play out!

If you're wondering about anything else, feel free to ask!
I'm sharing these updates with you so that you can have a resource of what to potentially expect if you consider making a similar change... but also mostly so that I don't forget :)

Stay Healthy, Stay Happy! 

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