What is all the fuss about “Clean Eating”??? What does it really mean?

Thursday, January 7, 2016

There is a lot of hype in the fitness world around this tag like “clean eating”… but very few people take the time to really explain what it means.

In general, people understand that it probably means giving up fast food and pop… but other than that, we in the fitness world kind of leave you hanging!

There are some really simple principles that can help you along your road to healthy nutrition habits (or… “clean eating”).

Eating in a well balanced and healthy way really doesn’t have to be that complicated or difficult. All it takes is a little bit of will power, and a little bit of patience with yourself through the transition.

Here are what I consider to be the TOP principles when it comes to “Clean Eating”… or… really… what I prefer to just call healthy eating!  

1. Minimize foods that come out of packages.
How simple is that?? If it comes in a box, a bag, or a can it’s probably not on the “good for you” list. Most food products that come in these sorts of containers are packed full of salt, preservatives, chemicals, and all sorts of ingredients that you can’t pronounce or identify.

If you MUST buy crackers, buy ones like Triscuits—3 ingredients: Wheat, oil, salt.  Simple. Comprehendible. Not bad.
Read the labels on every product that you’re purchasing that comes wrapped in anything.

The first step to improving the quality of nutrients that you’re putting in your body is KNOWING what nutrients (or lack-there-of) you are putting in your body.

2. Eat more often.
By splitting up your typical 3 large meals a day you increase your metabolism and become a fat burning machine! Fuel your body every 2-4 hours (which adds up to about 5-6 times a day) so that your blood sugar stay steady, you’re not getting HANGRY at the office, and your body has fuel to get you through the night without breaking down your muscle!

3. Balance your nutrients.
Every one of those meals, be it at a snack time or a meal time, should contain a lean protein source and a complex carb source. This means pairing things like fruit and nuts, cottage cheese and fruit, meat and veggies… the lists go on…

4.  Avoid extra sugar whenever possible and ALWAYS AVOID ARTIFICIAL SUGAR!
Gosh dangit people—if you’re going to have a coke… HAVE A COKE! ..okay… I’m not saying that you should have pop or other sugary snacks often, but when you choose to indulge go for the real sugar that comes from a real plant (which they have found some calorie free versions of at this point too) but those artificial sweetners do all kinds of crazy things to your system that really is a whoooolllleeee post for another day.
Here’s the sich. Your body processes simple sugar the same way whether it’s from a cube, a syrup, a grain of white or brown or whatever. When you have too much and it can’t be processed immediately, your body stores it as fat.
Sugar turns into fat.
Think on that the next time you suck down a Venti Frappe Whipped Whatever and want to call it a coffee.
Sugar, as with all things, is okay in moderation… but when it comes to the simple stuff it’s best to save it for a very occasional indulgence.
EXMAPLE: I hate flying. When I fly I treat myself to a Classic Coca-Cola and I ask for the whole can, and I enjoy the entire thing, guilt free. Because, well, I don’t fly that often, and it makes my anxious heart happy. 
My point: go for the real stuff and enjoy it occasionally, and avoid the artificial stuff ALWAYS.

In general, a healthy diet is simple to create.
I won’t say it’s EASY, because in our society it takes will power to avoid the processed crap that is so easily accessible.
But it’s so simple.

If you can cook your food, at home, most days, with fresh produce, lean meats, whole grains, and minimal sweets you will be well on your way to improving you health and learning to appreciate a whole new world of amazing food that you never even knew existed! 

Need some help along the way?
Head over to the "Guidance" tab at the top, and let's connect about me becoming your free coach! I would love to help you get started on your path to becoming you best self!


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